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Sister Club News (SCN) is a great way to learn about all the interesting events and activities in the various clubs.
Rely on SCN to stay informed and contribute to it with articles to inspire!

SCN – Issue 1 – JANUARY 2019

SCN – Issue 1 – JANUARY 2018

SCN – Issue 3 – December 2019

SCN – Issue 1 – July 2020

SCN – Issue 2 – MAY 2019

SCN – Issue 2 – MAY 2018

SCN – Issue 1 – MAY 2017

SCN – Issue 2 – NOVEMBER 2016


WCI publishes Sister Club News with content provided by WCI member clubs. Each club is responsible for the information and photos provided to WCI. WCI reserves the right to edit information or refuse to publish any material deemed to be inappropriate or inconsistent with WCI’s standards and objectives.

Sister Club News is distributed to WCI Affiliate and Associate members and also appears on WCI’s website and is used by WCI to promote membership in WCI.

SCN – Issue 1 – MARCH 2016

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